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Virtual Architecture as the Ultimate Green Design Strategy?


Just a thought:  Should architects  take  responsibility for suggesting the augmentation of the real-life spaces  they design with virtual world counterparts?  If a percentage of a real-life architectural program can eventually be accomodated virtually, thereby reducing the size of the building, and commuting time, does it deserve LEED recognition? Future discussions/posts and meetings to follow! […]

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Architects from Poland, Sweden, Egypt, England, Italy, Denmark, Canada, and the USA meet to discuss 3D Import Tools in Second Life

Architects from Plovan (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden), Cairo (Egypt), London (England), Florence (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Alberta (Canada), Boston, Berkeley, Virginia, Colorado, Chicago, and Seattle (US) came to discuss 3D Import Tools (or lack thereof!). Check out the 10 AM trasncript HERE, and the 7 pm transcript HERE. Fascinating stuff. Thanks!

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The Impact of a 3D Import Tool in Second Life

Thursday, March 22nd @ Architecture Island (slurl) 10:00 AM SL-time (hosted by European Virtual Architects) AND 7:00 PM SL-time As architects and designers, most of us long for the advent of a 3D import tool. In what ways would such a tool impact the architectural landscape of Second Life? How might it impact the economy? […]

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Zaha Hadid and Elizabeth Diller Presentations Streaming Live in Second Life from TED Conference

We will be streaming live presentations by architects Zaha Hadid, Elizabeth Diller and lots of other incredible speakers on our Allston sim from the TED conference in Monterey. The presentation schedule can be found here: TED Conference Schedule: TED Conference Slurl in Second Life:

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“Is there a 3D model import tool?” Daren Strange ‘Gets It’ and Transcends Limitations

Like every architect who visits Architecture Island, Daren Srange’s first question was ‘is there a way to import existing 3D models? Instead of dwelling on the setbacks of learning the in-world building tools, Daren immediately ‘got it’ and embraced the tools, making the best of what Second Life currently offers. While we all await a […]

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Architecture and Design Competition in Second Life

“Seeking the coolest, most spatially interesting and aesthetically independant pieces of architecture from the inhabitants of Second Life.” The SL-Award  via Virtual Suburbia (good eyes!)

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