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Architecture Events on Google Calendar

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We’ve now added a shared Google Calendar for all things architecture and design in Second Life.  Please let me know of upcoming events the group would be interested in, and I’ll add it here!

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Weekly Architecture Discussions – Thursdays at 6PM SL-time

Every Thursday at 6:00 PM SL-Time (PDT) The Architecture group will be hosting weekly meetings, starting this week in the Wikitecture gathering space on Architecture Island. If you are interested in moderating a parallel meeting to accomodate additional time zones, or have ideas for meeting topics, please IM Keystone Bouchard. This week, we will discuss […]

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Googie Architecture + Good Bad Movies = C3 Sky Cinema Fly-In

This is an exception to the norm for The Arch, but I can’t resist – I think it’s a truly native use of SL, and well worth a visit. If Googie Architecture, sci-fi, horror and/or good-bad old school cinema is your thing, Sky Cinema fly-in theater will be your favorite build of all time. I […]

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GeekMeet Post Mortem: ‘Reflexive Architecture’ on InfoWeek

Great post by Mitch Wagner (link) on InformationWeek about the GeekMeet presentation I gave at Dr. Dobbs on ‘Reflexive Architecture’.  The entire event was conducted using Second Life’s new Voice Client in the Firstlook Viewer (download here).  It was a remarkable experience, much like a real life presentation. Everyone kept their mics off until the […]

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Architecture CAD Model Importing Now Possible!

….will be a headline on this blog someday. We’re not there (yet), but now that I have your attention, I have a favor to ask. For the time being, let’s not focus on what we can’t do in Second Life, and take a look at what we can do there that we can’t as easily […]

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Swarm Architecture in Second Life, via Interactive Architectures

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Virtual Interactive Architectures: Emergent Forms – self organizing structures “…I started thinking about how we could take advantage of the unique environmental characteristics of SL to create a self-organizing emergent structure. This structure might consist of numerous units that emerge from the landscape or objects within the landscape. These objects may be released when the […]

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UgoTrade’s Coverage of Virtual Architecture

UgoTrade  has been doing some interesting research and reporting on virtual architecture, including a new post today (link) including coverage of the reflexive architecture installation, the Cntrl-Shift-07 competition, Theory Shaw, the Wikitecture progress, as well as the important work Eolus McMillan and the EOLUS One Initiative they have been working on.

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Reflexive Architecture Demo @ Dr. Dobbs Island

Tomorrow, July 24th at 8AM SL-Time (PDT) I’ll be giving a demo of the ‘Reflexive Architecture’ interactive installation I’ve been working on as an extension of the Architectural Jazz piece. In real life, we typically experience architecture and music in a passive role. The composition remains unchanged while we listen or observe. However, in a […]

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Modern Day Cities Being Recreated in SL

Great post over at Kzero about the rapidly growing number of real life city recreation and augmentation projects currently underway in Second Life. Read it HERE.  All is well on the virtual frontier for architects and planners!

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More Land on Architecture Island Finally Available!

  The Architecture Island annex is almost complete, and rental land will be available within the next few days!  Over half of it is already spoken for, but we still have a large 1/4 island lots available, as well as a handful of smaller 8,000 sqm parcels, and some 4,000 sqm parcels. If you aren’t […]

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