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New SLurl for the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture

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Still the same content, just moved a bit to the west…

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Modeling Real Life in Virtual Worlds

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We’ve been wondering lately – in terms of public virtual worlds, which will be more robust and populous in 5 years, mirror world replication of our real life environment or fantasy-based environments? Should Second Life developers, or even Linden Lab itself, be more focused on realizing a mirror worlds of real life? Would it help […]

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RL Municipal Public Works Panel in SL


Thursday, March 20th at 5pm SLT (PDT) at Life 2.0 (registration is free HERE) We will be discussing municipal public works applications in use or being developed within Second Life, followed by a lively discussion about the possible uses of Second Life for city and urban planning, conceptual design, and community drop in meetings. PANEL […]

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Wikitects in the Windy City and Life 2.0

If you happen to be in the Chicago area, Ryan and I will be at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Tuesday, April 1st (6pm Central) talking about Wikitecture, and how virtual worlds and web 2.0 will revolutionize the architecture industry. If you can’t make it to Chicago, you can attend our presentation from wherever […]

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Is the ‘Invasion’ of Real Life Architects and Architecture a Sad Chapter in the History of Second Life?

Does anyone remember the Society for Virtual Architecture? I sure do. I loved it. I was lucky enough to find my way to a meeting on my very first day in Second Life. I was in the midst of building this hideous replica of a real life project I was working on at the time, […]

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The Final Design: Wikitecture 3.0…. thank you!

I just wanted to thank all the contributors on the OAN Nepal Challenge for all their hard work and dedication over the last couple months. The following images are of the final boards submitted to the OAN project site (larger images here). You can be your own judge, but I think they turned out great! […]

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