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H-Town Goes Live! Incredible OpenSim-based neighborhood of real-world sustainable modern home prototypes opens to the public

H-Town, the OpenSim neighborhood previously posted HERE, is now open to the public!  This is a most impressive application of building real-world architecture using the OpenSim platform, and by far the largest expanse of contiguous virtual land dedicated to it, covering 3 full sims featuring 8 full-size replicas of real-world homes they well on the […]

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Unity3D + OpenSim

I first read about the concept of mixing Unity and OpenSim through a post by epredator on his Life at the Feeding Edge, and always wondered if such an experiment would ever become reality. Rezzable recently announced that they had successfully achieved a prototype of Unity3D and OpenSim working together. Several months ago, I had visited […]

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Construction of Hurricane Katrina relief project ‘The Porchdog,’ prototyped in Second Life, now complete

Here are several before and after images of the ‘Porchdog’ residence, prototyped in Second Life by the Architecture in Virtual Worlds community.  We built a virtual replica of this original design by Marlon Blackwell Architects, which was published to Open Architecture Network under Creative Commons licensing for an event with Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron […]

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Construction of aLoft’s flagship hotels, first prototyped in Second Life, now complete

The headline-grabbing aLoft Hotel project, first prototyped in Second Life before construction started, can now be visited in the real world (and has been open for quite some time now).  Starwood Hotels was the first to take their hotel’s architectural concept into the virtual world via Electric Sheep, and even used the virtual prototype to […]

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Real life construction completed on innovative homes prototyped in Second Life

If you have any interest or curiosity whatsoever about using Second Life or any other online, 3D, collaborative virtual environment for architectural prototyping or education, this is a must read success story. Construction has completed on designs first prototyped in Second Life by students at the University of Austin School of Architecture.  The prototypes were […]

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Architectural Record features ‘Kansas to Cairo’ Second Life project

Egyptian and American architecture students recently completed a course using the virtual world Second Life to facilitate long distance collaboration within an online, realtime 3D environment.  With funding from the U.S. State Department, California-based architect David Denton, AIA Dr. Amr Attia from Cairo’s Ain Shams University, and Kara Bartelt from USC School of Architecture brought students […]

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