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Autodesk Talks 3D with CEO of Unity 3D


Talk about deja vu…   Remember when Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and VP Phil Bernstein made appearances in Second Life? It was 4 years ago, but just imagine the software giant stumbling into a place where they had to check their products at the door and start using  prims instead.  It was a lot of fun […]

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Works completed, works in progress – Second Life, OpenSim, Unity, and jibe


What an incredibly fun and productive year it has been, designing and developing content in Second Life, OpenSim, jibe and Unity!   This year has brought in a wide range of different project types and clients to work with, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of […]

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Transverge! Marcos Novak responds to “Architects in Cyberspace, or not”

I just received this very detailed and inspiring note from Marcos Novak, Professor and Director at transLAB at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in response to a post last week, “Architects in Cyberspace, or not.”   Many thanks to Marcos for taking the time to respond, and for sharing such valuable and timely feedback for advancing architectural […]

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Unity 3 Feature Preview – Beast Lightmapping

Check out this feature preview video demonstrating Beast Lightmapping in Unity 3. During the past few days, I’ve spent countless hours lightmapping a scene for a Unity project I’m working on.  The scene looks fantastic, and performance is tenfold better than depending exclusively on in-world dynamic lights, but I’ve had to do it the ‘old […]

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Edmonton, Alberta, Replicating City in Second Life

In the capital of Canadian province Alberta, CIO Chris Moore is on a mission to recreate his city in the virtual world, where avatars roam and interact like they would in real life.

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Architects in Cyberspace, or not

Texts written 20 years ago on architecture in cyberspace are as accurate and inspiring today as they were then, but where are the cyberspace architects now?

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