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Kinect with Unity

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Check out this video demonstrating the use of a Kinect within the Unity3D editor (hat tip @andyhughes, and more in the Unity forum).  I wish I had sometime to jot down a few additional thoughts, but the video speaks for itself.   2011 is going to be an exciting year in virtual worlds!

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Let the Games Begin: Virtual Worlds, Game Development and the Future of the Metaverse

2010 was a year of growth and advancement for virtual environments, but it was also a time of uncertainty and transition.  While I often refer to  the metaverse as an open frontier, this year I kept thinking that we were still in a stage of discovery, and had only recently set foot on this incredible […]

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Enercities: Experiencing the Implications of Energy-Related Decisions

EnerCities is an awesome web-based ‘serious game’ application built with the Unity3D platform that enables players to build a sustainable metropolis. Unfortunately I fell for the easy energy options early on, enabling me to build my city and earn money quickly, but it led to an irreversible pollution problem later in the game. The next […]

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Now Available! Architectural Beginner’s Kit 2 for Architecture and Design Projects in Unity3D

Check out Architectural Beginners Kit 2!  If you’re not a programmer, this is a must-have toolkit for architecture and design visualization projects built with Unity3D. Here’s a video showing the kit in action: Here’s a demo build: Here’s where you can purchase the kit for $45: Here’s what the kit includes: Click to […]

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Tearing Down Cultural Barriers through Architectural Collaboration: Part 2 of the ‘Kansas to Cairo’ Documentary

A truly remarkable, bar-raising project that demonstrates the power and potential for architectural collaboration and education in virtual environmnents. More about the project HERE, HERE, and HERE – along with this write-up inArchitectural Record earlier this year.

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Fantastic New Documentary Captures the Potential of Architectural Education and Collaboration in Virtual Environments

Over the past six months, Draxtor Despres has been carefully documenting the collaborative work of students from Ain Shams University and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – led by Amr Attia, David Denton, and Kara Bartelt.  Drax is partnering here with Sandcastle Studios, and published the 1st part in a documentary series, “The Kansas […]

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Winy Maas and Philip Rosedale Discuss Architecture in Virtual Worlds at “John Edwards Lecture”

The Architecture Foundation’s “John Edwards Lecture” is designed to bring a global leading architect into conversation with a contemporary from another discipline.  Last year, it featured Thom Mayne, Morphosis Architects, and Frédéric Flamand, Director, Le Ballet National de Marseille.   This year, the sold out event featured Philip Rosedale (creator of Second Life) in conversation with Winy Maas, […]

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Despite Cease & Desist Order, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Spirit of Innovation Lives On

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, which was recently granted a licensing agreement with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation (and later attained official 501(c)3 non-profit status from the IRS) was served a cease & desist order by lawyers representing the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. This is a story that hits home for me, quite literally.  I […]

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New Build and Upcoming Events in Unity3D / jibe

Tomorrow (Dec. 2nd), I’ll be joining Kyle Gomboy from ReactionGrid and Anders Gronstedt from Gronstedt Group for their ‘Train for Success‘ meeting.  We will be meeting at the new space I recently finished for the Gronstedt Group – built with Unity3D, and published to ReactionGrid’s ‘jibe’ platform for multi-user access.  You can access the build […]

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