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A Space to Occupy the Mind, by Alfredo Desideri

  (This is Alfredo Desideri’s essay submission to the Ctrl-Shift-07 competition on Lebenswelt Island – screenshots also by Alfredo)  The building’s origins date from the history of architecture: some architectural solutions therein originate from this starting point but new questions are also raised. It is important to refer to the history of architecture, even in […]

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Architects from Poland, Sweden, Egypt, England, Italy, Denmark, Canada, and the USA meet to discuss 3D Import Tools in Second Life

Architects from Plovan (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden), Cairo (Egypt), London (England), Florence (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Alberta (Canada), Boston, Berkeley, Virginia, Colorado, Chicago, and Seattle (US) came to discuss 3D Import Tools (or lack thereof!). Check out the 10 AM trasncript HERE, and the 7 pm transcript HERE. Fascinating stuff. Thanks!

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Villa Venete: Progress Report

Palladio’s Villa Venete, by Alfredo Desideri is now under construction on Architecture Island. Alfredo started his Second Life explorations through a Palladianesque installation (still rezzed on the island), and a tiny replica. The model shown here is still under construction, and is still not full size. However, given the magnitude of Alfredo’s drive to honor […]

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