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A Framework for Utilizing Realtime 3D Applications in Architectural Practice and Urban Design

The technologies and demand for realtime 3D visualization in architectural design and urban planning will almost certainly be commonplace in the years ahead, but realizing the full breadth of what is possible when realtime 3D is combined with multi-user, online user-generated environments will require a paradigm shift.

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From Auckland to Aalborg: The Architecture in Virtual Worlds Dialog

(video intro) There were more than 42,000 kilometers separating this group if you connected our locations around the globe. For Amr Attia, in Cairo, Egypt, it was 10:00 in the evening. For Judy Cockeram, it was just 9:00 in the morning – but it was the next day for her, half-way around the world, in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Tearing Down Cultural Barriers through Architectural Collaboration: Part 2 of the ‘Kansas to Cairo’ Documentary

A truly remarkable, bar-raising project that demonstrates the power and potential for architectural collaboration and education in virtual environmnents. More about the project HERE, HERE, and HERE – along with this write-up inArchitectural Record earlier this year.

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Fantastic New Documentary Captures the Potential of Architectural Education and Collaboration in Virtual Environments

Over the past six months, Draxtor Despres has been carefully documenting the collaborative work of students from Ain Shams University and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – led by Amr Attia, David Denton, and Kara Bartelt.  Drax is partnering here with Sandcastle Studios, and published the 1st part in a documentary series, “The Kansas […]

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115+ Architecture Students Using Second Life at the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning

Here is a brief video showing some of the amazing work currently under development at the University of Auckland’s Putahi sim (SLurl) in Second Life, led by Professor Judy Cockeram. The University continues to leverage their virtual ‘Living Sketchbooks’ (covered previously HERE), but this time there are over 115 first year students exploring the virtual […]

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Architecture Students at Delaware Tech Design Sustainable Housing Prototypes for Cape Town, South Africa

The Delaware Technical & Community College has made a strong and successful debut in their use of virtual worlds in architectural education through a project led by Professor L.C. Weaverling’s (Profesora Farigoule in SL) ‘Architectural Design: Foundation Studies I’ class. I met L.C. while touring another architectural student project led by Judy Cockeram from the […]

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