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The Porchdog is Wired

The Porchdog project (link) we built on Architecture Island for Cameron Sinclair’s debut appearance in Second Life just showed up in Wired (link to article). Original machinima HERE. “So far, the Porchdog house is the only one that has been replicated — at least digitally. Clear Ink, a digital marketing company, found the Porchdog design […]

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Raising Real Money to Build Real Houses and a Case for Virtual Collaboration

Machinima showing Cameron Sinclair and John Gage discussing virtual collaboration and Open Architecture Network in Second Life. Sponsored by Sun Professional Services, coordinated by Clear Ink, machinima by Kiwini Oe.

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Design Like you Give a Damn! Cameron Sinclair in Second Life

Cameron Sinclair, 2006 TED Prize winner, Executive Director of Architecture for Humanity, co-editor of the book ‘Design Like You Give A Damn‘ and contributing writer for will be joined by Sun Microsystems founder John Gage in a live audio discussion in Second Life. They will discuss collaboration and participation in 3D environments, as well […]

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