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Open Source Scripts: The DynaFleur Revealed

Many thanks to desdemona Enfield and the DynaFleur team for sharing these 2 awesome scripts! I rezzed them out and started playing with them – its quite addicting! I can imagine all sorts of wonderful applications of these. Here is the reflexPanel script and here is the reflexCilium script For the Cilium script, you’ll need […]

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Raising the Bar for Reflexive Ar(t)chitecture: The DynaFleur

“Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield ——-with——- Dizzy Banjo – music and sound Poid Mahovlich – terraforming Harper Beresford – photography Spanning an entire sim on Princeton University’s virtual campus, DynaFleur is the kind of experience that truly is possible only in Second Life.” “…This magic is powered by complex scripts written by the talented and […]

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