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12 Arch Virtual Predictions for 2012

Thoughts and predictions around our newly emerging app-etite, new shiny things, HMD, AR and.. what’s in a name?

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Getting to Know the Game Industry: Resources to Help You Get Your Game On

The convergence of the game industry and the metaverse will be a Big Bang for the 3D web, but if you’re coming to this from the metaverse side of the fence and not a hardcore gamer, wrapping your mind around the mechanics and current state of the game industry can be pretty challenging.

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Casting Shadows

These past few months have brought about a rather exciting surge of announcements and renewed energy around the OpenSIM project, the open source virtual world platform. Though it is still alpha level code, the future potential is obvious, especially for those of us anxiously awaiting the ability to import 3D models created, textured and rendered […]

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More WindLight

Looks pretty sweet, but it doesn’t look like there will be realtime shadows rendered. I can only imagine the weight a system like that would add to SL, so I’m definitely not surprised or disappointed. This will still dramatically improve the architectural illustration of this environment, and make it even more appropriate and useful as […]

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