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25% Off Real-Time Architectural Apps and Free Project Upgrades to Oculus Rift App with Quick Link Dashboard Interface

The next 3 new clients who hire Arch Virtual to create a real-time application of their architectural project will receive the service at a 25% off discounted rate. Additionally, every new project through the end of the year will receive a free upgrade to an additional Oculus Rift compatible application.

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Architectural Visualization with Unity3D and Oculus Rift (from Revit) Redux

Oculus Rift demo download link! We’re hard at work ironing out the pipeline and workflow between Revit and Unity3D, publishing real-time architectural visualization projects that can be accessed on a simple web browser. Being able to publish the same build out to Oculus Rift is the icing on the virtual cake, where we can explore designs in immersive 3D.

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State of Play: Can we import BIM models into realtime Unity3D game engine?

Following last week’s post about the new Rutgers School of Business we published into Unity3D game engine, there were a lot of questions about whether we had imported the BIM file directly from Revit, or if there was an intermediate process necessary to make that work.

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Video Tutorial: How to Import Revit into Unity3D

This tutorial provides an overview of the process involved with importing architectural models into Unity3d.  In this case, we’re using Revit Architecture 2009, but the process is relatively universal, and can be applied to just about any architectural CAD or BIM software.  After importing your model, try out our Architectural Beginner’s Kit, which enables you […]

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Importing Revit into Unity [Update]

A few weeks ago, I wrote about using the Unity3D game develop engine to import Revit Architecture models.  I’ve since upgraded to Unity Pro, opening  the doors to some even more powerful features.  I really haven’t had a lot of time to spend on this, but I couldn’t resist pulling up this early design iteration, […]

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