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FINAL POWER-CHARRETTE! Studio Wikitecture enters the final lap in the Safe Trestles competition entry.

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Can Studio Wikitecture win this thing?!?  They’ve done it before, and they could do it again, but not without your help! The final entry is due Saturday, April 17th, but it definitely isn’t too late to join in the action and be sure your name is on the contributing team list.   Don’t know how […]

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Progress Update: 2 weeks down, 5 weeks to go for Studio Wikitecture’s entry in the Trestles competition

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What a great group we have brainstorming the Trestles project!  It isn’t too late to join in the action – so visit the site in Second Life now, follow the blog, and be sure to join the network site HERE! Here is a repost by Omei Turnbull from the Studio Wikitecture blog: It’s coming on […]

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Studio Wikitecture takes on a new design competition, and needs YOUR help!

Starting today, we have a new Studio Wikitecture project! We’re going to be entering another Open Architecture Network design competition, Safe Trestles.. we need YOUR help!

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Wiki Tree and Wikitecture Demo and Presentation today (Nov 5) at 9am PDT

I’ll be doing a Wikitecture presentation today at 9am SLT (PDT) for the Grondstedt Group’s ‘Train for Success’ series. It will be held on Architecture Island inside of our new meeting space at 9am SLT today (November 5) at this location:

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Wiki Tree Goes Open Source

This is a cross post from the Studio Wikitecture blog: Since 2007, the Wiki Tree software development has been funded by Studio Wikitecture and developed by i3D Inc. We’ve considered the software development process to be experimental, just as we’ve considered the ongoing Studio Wikitecture projects to be experiments in collaboration using Second Life. The […]

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Studio Wikitecture Meeting Tonight, September 17, at 6pm PDT (SLT)

The Studio Wikitecture and Treet TV communities will be gathering tonight in Second Life to discuss progress on their current Wikitecture project – the development of an urban ‘master plan’ for Treet Islands.  They will be on hand to answer questions anyone may have, and demonstrate use of the Wiki Tree for anyone who needs […]

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Wikitecture 3.0 Wins both Founder’s Award and 3rd Place!

From Studio Wikitecture blog: It is with great pleasure I bring you the news that Studio Wikitecture’s entry in the Open Architecture Network Challenge was awarded the ‘Founder’s Award’ as well as ‘3rd Place’ for our design of the Nyaya Tele-Medicine facility in Western Nepal. The announcement was made this morning. Architecture for Humanity  awarded […]

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Casting Shadows

These past few months have brought about a rather exciting surge of announcements and renewed energy around the OpenSIM project, the open source virtual world platform. Though it is still alpha level code, the future potential is obvious, especially for those of us anxiously awaiting the ability to import 3D models created, textured and rendered […]

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3D Wiki, Demo and Tour Tomorrow (2/8) at 10:30 AM SL-time

Join us tomorrow for a demo of the 3D Wiki (the Wiki-Tree), and a review of the designs submitted so far for the OAN Challenge we’re working on for Wikitecture 3.0. The competition deadline is February 29, so there is still time to provide your input!  You don’t have to be an architect! Here’s the […]

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Wikitecture @ Metaverse U

I am sincerely honored to have been asked to present at the upcoming Metaverse U at Stanford University, February 16th and 17th. I will be demonstrating the Wikitecture concept, and I am confident that the presentation Theory Shaw and I have put together will be quite compelling – complete with a live demo inside of […]

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