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Gehry Inspired Build Opens Thursday, Dec. 6th at 5:30PM SL-time

submitted by ‘The Tracer’ “So I began to think about Gehry and his ideas of form and beauty as it pertains to space. The ideas behind his aesthetics are unmatched, but the functionality of his builds in RL are somewhat unsuccessful. Therefore, in no other place do Gehrys designs belong more, than in Second Life. […]

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The Future of Architectural Education

‘The Tracer,’ also known as Ted Mikulski in real life, presented his Thesis Presentation for his Architectural Master’s Degree at Norwich University in Vermont this morning. A pre-recorded version of his thesis presentation was played in-world, mirroring his live presentation to the real-life jury. Bravo! I think this presentation marks the continuation of a new […]

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