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25% Off Real-Time Architectural Apps and Free Project Upgrades to Oculus Rift App with Quick Link Dashboard Interface

The next 3 new clients who hire Arch Virtual to create a real-time application of their architectural project will receive the service at a 25% off discounted rate. Additionally, every new project through the end of the year will receive a free upgrade to an additional Oculus Rift compatible application.

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Arch Virtual releases architectural visualization application built with Unity3D game engine, including Oculus Rift compatibility

[UPDATE 2: We posted a revised build with an improved player controller for better scaling and an updated exterior environment.] This week, Arch Virtual released a new interactive, real-time architectural experience for the Panoptic Group, based out of Chicago, Illinois.  The application was developed using the Unity3D game development engine, and can be embedded in […]

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Realtime Architectural Visualization with Unity3D

[UPDATE: We have now published an eBook about Architectural Visualization with Unity3D (including a chapter about Oculus Rift) that can be purchased HERE.] I’ve been swamped these past few weeks with a variety of projects in Unity3D, Second Life, and OpenSim – (with some open houses and beta releases just around the corner!) – and have […]

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Unity 3 Feature Preview – Beast Lightmapping

Check out this feature preview video demonstrating Beast Lightmapping in Unity 3. During the past few days, I’ve spent countless hours lightmapping a scene for a Unity project I’m working on.  The scene looks fantastic, and performance is tenfold better than depending exclusively on in-world dynamic lights, but I’ve had to do it the ‘old […]

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