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(Kickstarter Update #1) Explore Dubuque, Iowa’s Historic Millwork District with Virtual CARADCO

Using video games to visualize architecture? Why not? That’s what Main Street MMO is all about.

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Realtime Cities Initiative: Virtual Dubuque

Introducing Virtual Dubuque, a premiere development of our new Virtual Cities initiative. This new community resource will provide free and easy to access windows into interactive, customizable 3D models of cities.

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Introducing the ArchTech Engine: Transforming buildings, cities and geography into realtime 3D environments

I am very excited to announce the launch of our new Arch Tech Engine (intro video above), a technology that transforms buildings, cities and geography into realtime 3D environments that are easily accessible, and can be embedded on your website, or deployed to a tablet.

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Modern Day Cities Being Recreated in SL

Great post over at Kzero about the rapidly growing number of real life city recreation and augmentation projects currently underway in Second Life. Read it HERE.  All is well on the virtual frontier for architects and planners!

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