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15 Tips for Freelance Work in Games and Virtual Worlds Development

I love being a freelancer. I’ve been lucky enough to get away with it off for 9 out of the past 10 years, and wouldn’t have it any other way. However, it hasn’t always been easy – especially the first few years. There were so many hard earned lessons and missed opportunities that could easily have been avoided had I known better at the time. That’s what this post is all about.

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Second Life’s Enterprise Boom

Here are a few tremors from this week’s roundup from the virtual frontier: BusinessWeek – “Moving beyond Second Life marketing, many companies are infiltrating virtual worlds for employee meetings, mixers, and recruiting.” “To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global firms have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 3

Assuming I have established a viable case for the 3D virtual workplace in post 1 and 2, what about the actual planning, design and virtual architecture required to support it? What are the new characteristics of this environment that deserve consideration when developing a virtual workplace? There is a lot to cover here, but I’ll […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 2

Lets start with a brief thought trial before I get too far. Take a look at this familiar list of just some of the businesses who have, at some point, had a presence in Second Life: Accenture, AccuWeather, ABN AMRO, Aegon, Ajax Football Club, Alcatel Lucent, AMD, Armani, Autodesk, Ben & Jerry’s, Boots UK, BMW, […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 1

[see also part 2 and part 3] I’m often asked if it is actually possible to make a living practicing virtual architecture in Second Life. As it turns out, I have indeed become quite a virtual Bedouin lately, and have been lucky enough to derive an equal or greater income working in Second Life than […]

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