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The Importance of Architecture in Video Games and Virtual Worlds

Architecture in video games matters, and there is a right way and a wrong way to approach it. Games are chock full of buildings, but there is a tremendous deficit of ‘Architecture.’ Here are some thoughts on the importance and potential of architecture in game design and virtual worlds.

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New Virtual Learning and Workplace Campuses for Avaya with Gronstedt Group

During the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of working with Gronstedt Group and their clients at Avaya on a variety of immersive learning, training and workplace environments. Projects included 2 full campus areas, complete with libraries, auditoriums, office spaces and training rooms. These projects were realized using Avaya’s own AvayaLive Engage multi-user platform.

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Getting to Know the Game Industry: Resources to Help You Get Your Game On

The convergence of the game industry and the metaverse will be a Big Bang for the 3D web, but if you’re coming to this from the metaverse side of the fence and not a hardcore gamer, wrapping your mind around the mechanics and current state of the game industry can be pretty challenging.

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Transverge! Marcos Novak responds to “Architects in Cyberspace, or not”

I just received this very detailed and inspiring note from Marcos Novak, Professor and Director at transLAB at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in response to a post last week, “Architects in Cyberspace, or not.”   Many thanks to Marcos for taking the time to respond, and for sharing such valuable and timely feedback for advancing architectural […]

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Architects in Cyberspace, or not

Texts written 20 years ago on architecture in cyberspace are as accurate and inspiring today as they were then, but where are the cyberspace architects now?

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Casting Shadows

These past few months have brought about a rather exciting surge of announcements and renewed energy around the OpenSIM project, the open source virtual world platform. Though it is still alpha level code, the future potential is obvious, especially for those of us anxiously awaiting the ability to import 3D models created, textured and rendered […]

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Architecture Firm CKI Teams up with the Government of Thailand to Build Massive Virtual Planet

The massive $250 million project, called ‘CyberCity’ won’t be open until 2010. Somehow, upon hearing this news (link to full story), I feel a sense of vindication for all my ranting and raving about why architects should be taking virtual worlds seriously, and why an architectural background really is an ideal skill-set for virtual worlds […]

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Dont’ Agitate the Dots! Metrics + Architecture in Second Life

Thoughts on metrics, architecture and issues of presence in virtual worlds on my other blog @ Clear Night Sky: Dusan Writer follows up with additional thoughts HERE, and HERE.

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‘Oh So Fresh and Clean,’ My Abodo is Greener than Yours!

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Within 10 minutes, I had my adobo customized to be ‘Oh So Fresh and Clean’.  When I started, it was an ‘Enemy of the Planet’. Whew!  What a great way to end the week, saving the planet in cyberspace!

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