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13 Predictions for 2013

I generally tend to be bullish on the future of virtual technologies, but I just don’t see 2013 being a big year for this industry.  I think we will likely see more of the same across the board.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a bad year for developers, it just won’t be a […]

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2012 Prediction Results

I think I can build a strong case that I got 10 out of 12 accurate this year. Let’s see how it played out:

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12 Arch Virtual Predictions for 2012

Thoughts and predictions around our newly emerging app-etite, new shiny things, HMD, AR and.. what’s in a name?

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Photosynth as a free building-scale 3D scanner?

Following yesterday’s post about urban models generated from point clouds, I noticed this post on Digital Urban about the possibility of using Microsoft’s Photosynth as a way of capturing these point clouds (in this camporting those clouds as full 3D models. The above video (be sure to watch it through the ‘import’ scene!) demonstrates that […]

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