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Using Unity3D to Access Second Life and OpenSim on the Web

A few weeks ago, I was given a demo of a project called ‘Canvas,’ by former Linden Lab manager Chris Collins (Tipodean Technologies).  After clicking a url he gave me and logging in, I was suddenly standing on Architecture Island (in Second Life) – yet I was in a web browser, seeing SL through the […]

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Unity3D + OpenSim

I first read about the concept of mixing Unity and OpenSim through a post by epredator on his Life at the Feeding Edge, and always wondered if such an experiment would ever become reality. Rezzable recently announced that they had successfully achieved a prototype of Unity3D and OpenSim working together. Several months ago, I had visited […]

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Beautiful Browsers: Therapy for the Mainstream

Everywhere I turn these days, someone is reminding me that virtual worlds like Second Life or Opensim will never reach ‘mainstream’ adoption until everyday ordinary web users can access them through special plug-ins downloaded for those precious 2d web browsers we love so much.  Lots of serious programmers are hot on the heels of this […]

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Hanging up the old shoehorn: Stunning realtime multi-user architectural visualization in a web browser

Are browser-based virtual environments the way of the future for virtual design visualization?   Here is a brief overview of 4 of the many emerging platforms or related services to watch, and some thoughts about how they fit into the bigger picture of virtual worlds and architecture. I’ll start with MellaniuM.  I’ve been following MellaniuM’s work […]

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