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Using Virtual Reality in Residential Design

It has been over 3 years now since I started using virtual worlds as part of my real-life practice, Crescendo Design, to meet with long-distance clients, describe design ideas and more.  I have since had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of purely virtual projects, and still believe virtual worlds will become a […]

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Virtual Project Spaces in Action: Crescendo Design

Virtual Project Spaces are used in a variety of ways, from universities teaching architecture, architects meeting with clients, industry organizations meeting with members, or designers simply experimenting with the potential for purely virtual design. In this case, a Project Space is being used by Crescendo Design to illustrate a design concept called ‘The Vervain.’  The […]

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Still on the Stump

Be sure to check out this month’s issue of Business Week’s ‘SmallBiz’ publication, for it’s cover story, “First Stop: Second Life,” which explores how several small business (including Crescendo Design!) are using Second Life to prototype real life designs.  I was told there will soon be an online slideshow to complement the print article, but […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 3

Assuming I have established a viable case for the 3D virtual workplace in post 1 and 2, what about the actual planning, design and virtual architecture required to support it? What are the new characteristics of this environment that deserve consideration when developing a virtual workplace? There is a lot to cover here, but I’ll […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 2

Lets start with a brief thought trial before I get too far. Take a look at this familiar list of just some of the businesses who have, at some point, had a presence in Second Life: Accenture, AccuWeather, ABN AMRO, Aegon, Ajax Football Club, Alcatel Lucent, AMD, Armani, Autodesk, Ben & Jerry’s, Boots UK, BMW, […]

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Exodus to the Virtual Workplace, Part 1

[see also part 2 and part 3] I’m often asked if it is actually possible to make a living practicing virtual architecture in Second Life. As it turns out, I have indeed become quite a virtual Bedouin lately, and have been lucky enough to derive an equal or greater income working in Second Life than […]

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