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Encore! Machinima and Screenshots of the 48 hour Architectural Jazz Jam

All it takes is a catalyst.   For the past 48 hours, this empty parcel came to life with a group of designers, architects and artists from around the world, who imprinted this build with their creativity – riffing and building on what others had created, and adding their own voice.  It really was a […]

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Upcoming Field Trip

Posted from Dijodi Dubratt: About time for another field trip, don’t you think? Join the crew on Saturday, July 11 at 7am SLT, as we do what architects, designers and builders always love to do  - visit a good space and figure out what makes it work. This time we’re heading for the mall! Best […]

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Upcoming field trips to well designed virtual spaces

This post is from DiJodi Dubratt via The ARCH Network community site.  Read the invite here, but join the community site to stay tuned for more information about these upcoming field trips and more.  http://archvirtual.ning.com/ Hi everybody! Pam Broviak and I have been doing some brainstorming about the best way to collect information for a […]

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