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10 Reasons Second Life is a Killer App for Oculus Rift, and why OpenSim will get there first

Second Life is a killer app for Oculus VR. Now, before you skip ahead to post a comment about how SL has been overrun by furries and 14 year olds, take a moment to scroll through these screenshots, and watch some of the machinima below.

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Tearing Down Cultural Barriers through Architectural Collaboration: Part 2 of the ‘Kansas to Cairo’ Documentary

A truly remarkable, bar-raising project that demonstrates the power and potential for architectural collaboration and education in virtual environmnents. More about the project HERE, HERE, and HERE – along with this write-up inArchitectural Record earlier this year.

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Fantastic New Documentary Captures the Potential of Architectural Education and Collaboration in Virtual Environments

Over the past six months, Draxtor Despres has been carefully documenting the collaborative work of students from Ain Shams University and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles – led by Amr Attia, David Denton, and Kara Bartelt.  Drax is partnering here with Sandcastle Studios, and published the 1st part in a documentary series, “The Kansas […]

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Virtual Worlds as Green Workplaces: US Department of State Hosted Discussion

The US Department of State hosted another panel discussion in Second Life this month, digging into a topic I think has great potential – ‘Virtual Worlds as Green Workplaces.’   Here is yet another outstanding machinima by Draxtor Despres, covering this exciting event: Last summer, I wrote a series of posts around the topic of […]

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Video Coverage of U.S. State Department Hosted Panel: Architectural Design and International Collaboration in Virtual Worlds

What an honor it was to have been included in this panel discussion, and to have a chance to hear more about the exciting work being done by the other panelists using virtual worlds in professional architectural practice and education.  I think it was an important and timely event – illustrating the potential of virtual […]

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