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City Planning and Urban Design with Oculus Rift

Most of what we have been exploring with Virtual Cities initiative, starting with Virtual Dubuque, has been about how 3D city replicas can be used to understand cities in a deeply immersive way – rather than the abstract experience of Google Earth, or the photos from Street View, we wanted to make the virtual city experience more accessible, customizable, data-rich environments that convey a more holistic understanding of what it’s like to actually be in the city.

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ARCHI CHAT: Open discussion with Q&A based on 3 case studies involving Unity3D, Second Life and OpenSim for real world architecture projects

Jon Brouchoud, of Arch Virtual invites you to an open discussion with questions and answers based around 3 recent case studies of real world architectural projects that have made use of 3D immersive technologies in architectural practice and collaboration.

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(Kickstarter Update #1) Explore Dubuque, Iowa’s Historic Millwork District with Virtual CARADCO

Using video games to visualize architecture? Why not? That’s what Main Street MMO is all about.

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Kickstarter launch! Real Cities in Realtime 3D: Main Street MMO

Introducing Main Street MMO: Real cities, in realtime 3D.

There are so many incredible sci-fi, war games and medieval adventures available today, with amazing complexity, detail and realism.

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Realtime Cities Initiative: Virtual Dubuque

Introducing Virtual Dubuque, a premiere development of our new Virtual Cities initiative. This new community resource will provide free and easy to access windows into interactive, customizable 3D models of cities.

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