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H-Town Goes Live! Incredible OpenSim-based neighborhood of real-world sustainable modern home prototypes opens to the public

H-Town, the OpenSim neighborhood previously posted HERE, is now open to the public! ┬áThis is a most impressive application of building real-world architecture using the OpenSim platform, and by far the largest expanse of contiguous virtual land dedicated to it, covering 3 full sims featuring 8 full-size replicas of real-world homes they well on the […]

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Welcome to H-Town, OpenSim used to create a virtual neighborhood of sustainable modern houses

Hometta, a collective of award-winning architecture and design studios, will soon be launching an opensim-based grid called ‘H-Town,’ showcasing a virtual neighborhood modeled after the innovative, modern house plans they sell on their website. With Hometta’s stated goal of ‘improving the residential landscape, one house at a time,’ they will soon be enabling their customers […]

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