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Unity3D + OpenSim

I first read about the concept of mixing Unity and OpenSim through a post by epredator on hisĀ Life at the Feeding Edge, and always wondered if such an experiment would ever become reality. Rezzable recently announced that they had successfully achieved a prototype of Unity3D and OpenSim working together. Several months ago, I had visited […]

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Welcome to my home: first attempts at using Unity3D for architectural visualization

[UPDATE: We have now published an eBook about Architectural Visualization with Unity3D (including a chapter about Oculus Rift) that can be purchasedĀ HERE.] Chez Keystone! Come on in…(plugin required). This isn’t multi-user (yet), and navigation might take some getting used to, but this is an Autodesk Revit ‘as-built’ model of my home, imported into the Unity […]

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