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Machinima: Philip Rosedale on creativity, virtual world growth, and evolving business models

I captured this brief, though very insightful, clip of Philip Rosedale addressing a ‘mixed reality’ audience streamed live from the Engage Expo in San Jose California, and in-world at the Metanomics event space. I haven’t had a chance to edit and publish more clips, but want to also give props to Tom Hale, Harper Beresford, JeanieSing […]

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ARCHviews: Kirsten Kiser, Editor-in-Chief of arcspace.com

Welcome to ARCHviews, a new podcast format where I take to the streets of the metaverse and talk with architects and designers exploring architecture of all forms – real or virtual.  Today I talk to Kirsten Kiser, editor-in-chief of arcspace.com about her experience bringing her online publication into the metaverse.  She celebrates her second year […]

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Metanomics: Liquid Artifacts: Architecture in Virtual Worlds

I’m honored to have been invited to the Metanomics stage this coming Monday, November 17th at noon (12:00) SL-time (PDT) to talk about architecture in virtual worlds. To learn more, visit the Metanomics event page here: http://metanomics.net/Event111708

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