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BIM Goes Virtual: Oculus Rift and virtual reality take architectural visualization to the next level

Almost three decades before Building Information Modeling (BIM) would go mainstream, the term “Virtual Building” was used in the earliest implementation of BIM through Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD debut in 1987. Since then, the concept hasn’t changed, but visualization technology has advanced to the point where designers, engineers, contractors, and building owners can become so immersed in the virtual building model that they feel as if they’re actually there. Technologies like the Unity3D game engine and the new $300 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset are making it possible.

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$60 OpenSim Prefab Regions: The Elements Series

These sim packages are designed to provide flexible, modern environments for learning, enterprise, and private development in OpenSim and are now available at a significantly discounted rate. Each full sim package is just $60 USD, and is delivered as an opensim OAR file. Payments must be made via PayPal, and orders can be placed by […]

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H-Town Goes Live! Incredible OpenSim-based neighborhood of real-world sustainable modern home prototypes opens to the public

H-Town, the OpenSim neighborhood previously posted HERE, is now open to the public!  This is a most impressive application of building real-world architecture using the OpenSim platform, and by far the largest expanse of contiguous virtual land dedicated to it, covering 3 full sims featuring 8 full-size replicas of real-world homes they well on the […]

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