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10 Reasons Second Life is a Killer App for Oculus Rift, and why OpenSim will get there first

Second Life is a killer app for Oculus VR. Now, before you skip ahead to post a comment about how SL has been overrun by furries and 14 year olds, take a moment to scroll through these screenshots, and watch some of the machinima below.

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$60 OpenSim Prefab Regions: The Elements Series

These sim packages are designed to provide flexible, modern environments for learning, enterprise, and private development in OpenSim and are now available at a significantly discounted rate. Each full sim package is just $60 USD, and is delivered as an opensim OAR file. Payments must be made via PayPal, and orders can be placed by […]

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3D mesh imports now (finally!) possible in Second Life! No, seriously… I have screenshots to prove it.

This long awaited ‘holy grail’ feature in Second Life has now finally arrived! The subject of numerous false starts, April fool’s jokes, and much controversy – it is now possible to import 3D models directly into Second Life.

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20 minute study model in Second Life (video)

As the pendulum swings back into Second Life for some exciting new consulting projects, I’m reminded just how fun it is to build with prims and how much potential virtual environments hold for architectural practice and collaboration. You can quite literally *feel* the space as it takes shape, understanding and perceiving it in a way that no other medium affords.

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