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Toward the Sentient City, Situated Technologies, Conflux Festival and more

I was just checking in on Twitter (I’m @ARCHNetwork, btw) – and saw that I missed a tweet from NPIRL’s Bettina Tizzy posting a RT from @TishShute from UgoTrade about the exciting “Toward the Sentient City” pamphlet, published by Situated Technologies.   Drawing a parallel to “Reflexive Architecture,” Bettina says “So it IS possible in […]

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COMMISSION #3: Opening and free workshop today! 1 December 2008

6.30-7.30pm GMT (10.30-11.30am SL Time), Monday 1 December 2008: join the workshop in reflexive architecture 8pm GMT (12 noon SL Time), Monday 1 December 2008: attend the launch SLurl: teleport to 2ND LIVE (83, 171, 22) The Project: In physical reality, the architectural shell is a relatively static and motionless artifact. The occupant plays a […]

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Open Source Scripts: The DynaFleur Revealed

Many thanks to desdemona Enfield and the DynaFleur team for sharing these 2 awesome scripts! I rezzed them out and started playing with them – its quite addicting! I can imagine all sorts of wonderful applications of these. Here is the reflexPanel script and here is the reflexCilium script For the Cilium script, you’ll need […]

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