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The Importance of Architecture in Video Games and Virtual Worlds

Architecture in video games matters, and there is a right way and a wrong way to approach it. Games are chock full of buildings, but there is a tremendous deficit of ‘Architecture.’ Here are some thoughts on the importance and potential of architecture in game design and virtual worlds.

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AutoCAD Import Demonstration: Transcript Posted

Let there be no doubt, the architecture and design community is pining for a fluid and automatic import process!!! I knew a meeting like this would bring lots of new faces. Even the slightest tremor of an import tool shakes out bunches of would-be SL resident architects and designers who are sitting on the fence […]

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AutoCAD Import Tool Demonstration: Architecture Meeting Thursday, Sept. 13th, 11AM

This week’s Architecture Group meeting will be a demonstration of the new AutoCAD import tool (Henshin III), created by AI Studio. They will rez a full building, designed and modeled in AutoCAD, completely textured. They will also demonstrate the Layer functions and show how the system can change the visibility and position of imported objects. […]

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