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Realtime Architectural Visualization with Unity3D

[UPDATE: We have now published an eBook about Architectural Visualization with Unity3D (including a chapter about Oculus Rift) that can be purchased¬†HERE.] I’ve been swamped these past few weeks with a variety of projects in Unity3D, Second Life, and OpenSim – (with some open houses and beta releases just around the corner!) – and have […]

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Drumroll please… realXtend + OpenSim = Importing of Proper 3D Models

I’m not a techie guy, but I know what ‘import proper 3D models’ means, and I know what a tremendous impact it will have on our industry and beyond. We’ve heard about emulator plug-ins that enable SL-like models (built within the same limitations) to be imported.. We’ve seen sculpties… But it still isn’t the fluid […]

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