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City Planning and Urban Design with Oculus Rift

Most of what we have been exploring with Virtual Cities initiative, starting with Virtual Dubuque, has been about how 3D city replicas can be used to understand cities in a deeply immersive way – rather than the abstract experience of Google Earth, or the photos from Street View, we wanted to make the virtual city experience more accessible, customizable, data-rich environments that convey a more holistic understanding of what it’s like to actually be in the city.

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New site is live!

It’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been hard at work on some new work we hope to publish soon!  In the meantime, check out our newly renovated website: http://www.archvirtual.com   We’ve made some exciting progress in technologies and methods for bringing architectural and city models into virtual environments, along with interactive features […]

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Edmonton, Alberta, Replicating City in Second Life

In the capital of Canadian province Alberta, CIO Chris Moore is on a mission to recreate his city in the virtual world, where avatars roam and interact like they would in real life.

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‘Open Neighborhood’ project by Tufts University set to engage Town of Acton residents in planning project

They call it the ‘Open Neighborhood’ project – and it is really a site to see.   This  partnership between the Town of Acton and researching faculty and students from the Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Department at Tufts University is quite visionary, and will be exciting to watch unfold in the months ahead.  They […]

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Prototyping a Real World Urban Development in Second Life

In June, when I was on a panel discussion with Eric Gordon, during Linden Lab’s birthday celebration, I was very inspired and impressed with his work – especially given my own interest in the use of virtual worlds for collaboration.  Now they are taking on a new project that I expect will raise the bar […]

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Event Video Posted: Urbanism, Architecture, Planning: How Second Life Can Help Build the Urban Landscape of the Physical World and Vice Versa

I was absolutely blown away by the projects presented on this panel, and am relieved there seems to be consensus that we need to have more discussions like this soon.  Just when I think I’ve got my finger on the pulse of professional architecture and design work converging into virtual worlds, I’m introduced to several […]

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