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Hanging up the old shoehorn: Stunning realtime multi-user architectural visualization in a web browser

Are browser-based virtual environments the way of the future for virtual design visualization?   Here is a brief overview of 4 of the many emerging platforms or related services to watch, and some thoughts about how they fit into the bigger picture of virtual worlds and architecture. I’ll start with MellaniuM.  I’ve been following MellaniuM’s work […]

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Free Camera Position script/HUD for viewing real-scale architecture, by Discord Schism

Thanks to Discord Schism for scripting up this Camera Postition script/HUD for viewing real-scale architecture!  He also left the script open to modify and loaded with lots of variables to try out.  If you sit down, it automatically disables the script – so your camera doesn’t end up inside the chair of the person sitting […]

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AIArchitect Covers Architecture in Virtual Environments

The AIArchitect online resource for members of the American Institute of Architects recently published an excellent story about architecture in Second Life (read it here). In it, they talk about the work of Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Assoc. AIA, who is the dean of Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning.  They also mention […]

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Tips for Improving Camera Position for Viewing Real Life Scale Architecture

I recently sent out a plea via Twitter (I’m @Keystone) to find a better way to experience real-life scale buildings.  It has long been a frustration of mine (and just about everyone who tries to build rl-scale builds in SL!) that anything built at 1:1 proportions ‘feels’ way too small inside.  The most commonly cited […]

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