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Arch Virtual creates triple-a quality architectural VR experiences you can use to promote, sell and visualize your building project.  For projects that require the highest quality representation our experienced, award winning team create visually stunning VR environments.

Visualize Your Project

Buildings are expensive, risky, and extremely complex.  Blueprints are hard to read, and architectural illustrations are nothing like the way we experience architecture in the real world.  Now you can inhabit the building in VR before construction starts.

Sell Your Project

The construction site might be a muddy hole in the ground, but you can already start selling building owners, potential buyers, and other project stakeholders on your vision.  Get everyone excited about your new building by giving them an unforgettable VR experience that lets them get to know the building virtually.

Catch Mistakes

We love it when our clients walk through a VR experience we created for them and find major errors they had never noticed even after reviewing blueprints for many hours.  It happens all the time!  There’s no better way to gain a holistic and thorough understanding of your new building than a virtual reality model.

Make Decisions

We can capture animations and high resolution images from the virtual environment that can be used for marketing and promotional materials.

Promote your building project with VR.

VR offers an exciting way to showcase your project in a memorable and engaging experience.  Virtual reality applications for architectural projects can help pre-sell units for real estate development, help building owners understand construction before breaking ground, and assist with interior design decisions.

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It’s a lot easier to change a pixel than it is to move a brick wall after it’s been built.

There’s a lot at stake in building construction, and a tremendous investment of physical and financial resources.  It’s important to get it right.  With VR technology, and the newfound ability to virtually ‘inhabit’ a building before breaking ground, it might soon be possible to create ‘perfect architecture,’ and instill confidence that the building you need is the building you get.

“The Oculus Rift virtual reality application Arch Virtual built for our team gave us complete confidence that what we were about to build was fully understood by all parties.  Being able to communicate everything from intricate details to large scale spatial implications in an immersive way gave a much better understanding than could have otherwise been realized.  In the end, when the client walks into their new space, they won’t be experiencing it for the first time.”

Taylor Cupp, LEED AP BD+C, Associate AIA

Senior ICC, Mortenson Construction

“Arch Virtual’s Oculus Rift application brings the new arena to life in a way that we couldn’t have done with any other technology or platform. The virtual reality tour is beautifully designed and gives users a full immersive virtual reality tour of the new arena.”

Chris Granger

President, Sacramento Kings NBA

“The virtual reality experience for Oculus Rift that Arch Virtual created for us provided a really unique and memorable way of engaging with customers.  They’re able to see some of the larger products we could never realistically transport to a trade show.  It’s just a very fun and immersive way to experience and learn more about our products.” 

Jay Fuller

Marketing Manager, Wessels Company

We translate architectural blueprints, Revit, SketchUp, and other BIM files into high quality virtual reality experiences.

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