I couldn’t be there, so I don’t know exactly how it went down (note to self… don’t miss SLCC next year!).  All I can do is paste a few early snippets from those who witnessed the announcement:

“At his keynote today at SLCC09, Tom Hale aka T Linden presented a sneak peak of 3D mesh import into Second Life.”  via Mechatiki

“Sculptys came, SL survived. Mesh is coming. SL will thrive.” via Dusan Writer

There is a lot to learn, certainly a lot to figure out, and the possibility (read probability) that there is still a long wait ahead.  Nevertheless, I think this potential feature, alongside all of the other exciting announcements they made at SLCC, are absolutely huge.  Even if they pull off half of what they’re describing, this surely signals the beginning of a new and exciting day for virtual worlds.

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