Check out Adam Frisby’s post about OpenSim achieving 85 avatars on a single OpenSim this week, and their hopes of reaching 100 or even 150.

According to the post, these major performance and stability enhancements are largely due to 3 fixes – 1.)  abandoning OpenJpeg for decoding J2K textures,  2.) John Hurlimann from Intel’s code contributions,and 3.) multiple efforts to reduce memory use in key places. These 3 improvements have “at least halved operating memory requirements.”

Our very own Architecture Islands grid is built on the OpenSim platform, and is growing steadily.  We have some exciting partnerships in the works that we hope to be announcing shortly.  You can visit the grid through this registration page, or sign up for some land by visiting this page. (1 sim = $50/month!).  The Architecture Islands grid is intended to serve as a resource for architects, educators, and AEC industry professionals who wish to explore virtual worlds in professional practice and education.

Needless to say, we’re definitely keeping a close eye on exciting improvement like this!   Congratulations on the great work.

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