This blog is all about discussing architecture and design in virtual worlds – so lets discuss it!    What’s up with Blue Mars?  How is Architecture Islands in OpenSim coming along?  What’s the coolest new architecture-related build in Second Life?  What about Unity3D – have you tried it yet?   So many platforms, so little time..

To help get us started, I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few discussion pages to our network site (join here, if you haven’t already).  Please feel free to add your own, post some news about your project, your observations about the platform (good, bad, or otherwise) or even post a few screenshots or videos.   Be sure to subscribe to the site as well, so you can stay informed as others share their experiences over time as well!

Realxtend discussion:

Unity3D discussion:

Second Life discussion:

Blue Mars discussion:

OpenSim discussion:

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