Starting today, we have a new Studio Wikitecture project!  We’re going to be entering another Open Architecture Network design competition, Safe Trestles, with a Kick Off Event scheduled for 1pm SLT today (March 3rd, 2010) at THIS SLurl.  The plan is to talk about the project first.  After that, we’ll give an introduction to the Wiki Tree for anyone who hasn’t used it before.  If you want to participate in the project, but can’t make that time, IM Omei Turnbull, and we’ll either schedule a second meeting or make sure you are kept up to date.

The Challenge

Access to Trestles, one of North America’s most celebrated waves, is under threat due to safety and environmental concerns. Currently, over 100,000 people each year follow informal trails through wetlands and over active train tracks to gain access to the surf breaks at Trestles. These impromptu man-made paths present a safety hazard with passing trains and threaten the fragile ecosystem of Trestles.

The challenge seeks to create innovative visions for a path leading to Trestles that:

    • Provides safe access between the drop-off point, the railroad, and the beach.
    • Restores and protects the coastal wetlands that have been damaged by foot traffic.
    • Provides opportunities for view points and education.
    • Provides solutions for accessibility, including ADA compliant facilities.

The design should serve both surfers and visitors to the beach, restore wetlands that have been damaged by the path, preserve and augment vistas, and offer education about the history of the site and the coastal environment.

See the full design brief on the Open Archtecture Network web site.


OAN has designed the competition in two phases, followed by a design contract for the winning competition entry.  The deadline for the first phase is April 17, so it will have to be a faster, more intense, process than any of our previous projects.  Up to 5 designs will be chosen for the second phase; which is scheduled to end  August 17.  The winning design group will then be awarded a contract to work with the multitude of stakeholders to review and refine the design.

The first thing we need to do is to locate a site for the Wiki Tree. While the current Open Source implementation of the Wiki Tree supports an unlimited number of trees at the same time, there is still a restriction to one tree per region.  So we need to find some space in a region that doesn’t already have an  active Wiki tree project.  If you can provide that space, or know of someone whom we might contact, please IM Omei Turnbull or Keystone Bouchard.

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