H-Town, the OpenSim neighborhood previously posted HERE, is now open to the public!  This is a most impressive application of building real-world architecture using the OpenSim platform, and by far the largest expanse of contiguous virtual land dedicated to it, covering 3 full sims featuring 8 full-size replicas of real-world homes they well on the Hometta website.  The H-Town grid, hosted by ReactionGrid, will continuously evolve over time.  They plan to add one new home each month, giving visitors lots of reasons to come back.

This really is an incredible resource for modern design enthusiasts.  Even if you’re not currently in the market for a new home, visiting H-Town is a great resource for inspiration.  Its like Dwell magazine on steroids, where the featured homes jump off the page and invite you into an immersive, interactive realm.  If this isn’t the future of architectural representation, I don’t know what is.

The whole H-Town experience, from registration to the interactive virtual walk-through in-world are all very well crafted, and I think H-Town will become a fun new destination for anyone interested in innovative, modern design!

See you in H-Town!


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