We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback following the release of Architectural Beginner’s Kit 1 and Architectural Beginner’s Kit 2 packages and tutorials for use within the Unity3D game engine.   In fact, those who purchased the kit have reported reductions in development time (up to 2 weeks) and development cost savings when compared with having to develop these assets from scratch.  I can certainly relate to that, having initially used Unity3D without these assets (and not being a programmer, myself), I spent a great deal of time searching the web and forums for clues about how to set up even the simplest of functions.

One bit of valuable feedback we heard was that the name “Architectural Beginner’s Kit” doesn’t fully describe the contents or intention of the package – since these kits are only intended to provide basic architectural assets to help complete basic functionality for your project, not to serve as documentation tutorials for someone who just downloaded Unity and has absolutely no experience with it.  To that end, we will be renaming these kits “Basic Architectural Asset Packs” which more accurately describes their contents and intended purpose.

As we look forward to development of the next Architectural Asset Pack for Unity3D, we wanted to ask if there is anything you would like to see included?  Are there any scripts or functions you could use in your architectural projects, but don’t have the experience or resources to develop on your own?  Any input or advice is greatly appreciated!  Please include your suggestions in comments below, or by emailing me at info (at) archvirtual.com

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