Using video games to visualize architecture?  Why not?  That’s what Main Street MMO is all about.

Building an immersive, realtime 3D virtual replica of the city with game engine technology is just the beginning.  With it, we can bring architectural blueprints of new development projects to life, and show exactly what new or renovated buildings will look like when construction is completed – all set within a dynamic and ever-changing virtual simulation of the city.

Dubuque, Iowa Main Street MMO Kickstarter

As one example, we had the opportunity to work with the Gronen Restoration team in Dubuque, Iowa over the past several months to create a realtime 3D walk-through of the CARADCO Building in their Historic Millwork District.  Check out the video above to see a few of the features of this exciting new project, and be sure to visit a beta version of the virtual tour here:

Just imagine how far we can push game engines to serve as a community resource to help plan, visualize and promote buildings before construction starts?  Just imagine how a city could be re-invented within an environment where anything is possible?

We need your help!  Become a Main Street MMO backer, and help us build this exciting virtual frontier.

If you think there would be interest in creating a virtual replica of your city’s downtown or Main Street area, let us know!  If you’re in the U.S., your city can become a backer of Main Street MMO at the $10k USD level and we will launch YOUR city as a realtime 3D MMO!  We will personally visit your city, and get the project started by modeling several city blocks, along with a website portal for your city’s 3D world. Your name or company logo will be displayed prominently as the Founding Sponsor of your city. From there, we will continue to grow your city’s MMO through community support in the form of partnerships and sponsorship.

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