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I just talked to my friend Damon Hernandez, and he shared some very exciting news about an event he’s organizing…

The AEC Hackathon is upon us, and if you’re an AEC geek reading this post, you need to drop everything and book tickets to San Francisco for November 8th through the 10th.   No, seriously.  Go do it.  Now!

This is going to be an unprecedented gathering of the best and brightest minds in one of the most rapidly growing and advancing intersection of industries.  We’ll be geeking out over the latest and greatest gadgets and software poised to revolutionize these respective industries, like Google Glass, Oculus Rift, LEAP Motion, Kinect and other innovative hardware.

I’ll be bringing my Rift, along with a bunch of projects we’ve been working on the past few months, including several new architectural experiences as well as manufacturing and medical applications developed for the Rift.

There will be workshops, and bar raising applications geared specifically toward AEC industry applications.

Just imagine..  in a few years, you’ll be standing in a crowd of 10,000 people at AEC Hackathon 5.0 reminiscing about how you took the time to attend the very first AEC Hackathon 1.0 back in 2013.. ahh the memories, the awesome experiences.  Aren’t you glad you went?

Here’s where you register:

See you there!


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