The next 3 new clients who hire Arch Virtual to create a real-time application of their architectural project of 50,000 square feet (450 square meters) or less will get 25% off the total project cost.  Additionally, every new project through the end of the year will receive a free upgrade of their project to an Oculus Rift compatible application, including our Quick Link Dashboard interface.   Larger projects may also be eligible for a discount, depending on the project scope.

Here’s how it works:  Send us your Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, pdf files or even just a napkin sketch – whatever you have available, anything is fine (send to info @ ).  It doesn’t have to be highly detailed or complete.  We’re happy to sign an NDA if need be.  We will review your project, and prepare a Statement of Work outlining the cost of our services, a project timeline, and a detailed description of our services.  Upon receipt of the signed estimate and retainer, we start work immediately.

unity3d architectural visualization

We will then translate your sketches, models, or drawings into a real-time application that will enable you to walk through the building, and see it from every angle. The more information you provide us about furnishings, fixtures and finishes, the more accurate the real-time experience will be.

real-time architectural visualization

Here is one example, here’s another example.  Client references from past projects are here.

Big Projects, and Small Projects Too!  We’ve completed real-time applications for huge skyscrapers, entire cities and university campuses, all the way down to a tiny single-car garage addition to a house.

All Star Team.  We raided the game development industry to bring together some of the best and brightest 3D modelers and game development gurus in the world, capable of producing the finest quality real-time experiences available anywhere.  In the not too distant past, these guys were working on Call of Duty, Halo and The Last of Us.  Today, they’re building a triple-A quality virtual models of your architectural project.

FREE Oculus Rift upgrade.  Every project through the end of the year will receive a free Oculus Rift application, complete with the “Quick Link Dashboard” interface (example).  If you don’t have an Oculus Rift yet, you should seriously consider ordering one now.  It’s a game changer for architectural visualization, and after you experience a design in virtual reality, you’ll never build another building without first seeing it in a Rift.  If you don’t have a Rift yet, we can help put you in touch with someone near you who might be willing to share.

architecture and virtual reality oculus Rift

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