We’re back from Autodesk University in Vegas, where we had the opportunity to show some of our latest Oculus Rift projects to the AEC crowd there.   Wow, was that ever fun!  Exhibiting can be a boring, exhausting experience, but not with the Rift!  From beginning to end, it never gets old watching people experience virtual reality for the first time.  It was also great seeing our builds in the HD prototype Rift for the very first time at the Oculus booth.

autodesk oculus Rift virtual reality

Oculus Rift, right at home at Autodesk University

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Oculus Rift for Trade Show Exhibits

One take-away from this week’s experience was just how disruptive Rift experiences will soon be at future trade shows and conference exhibits.  It generates buzz, draws crowds around your booth, with people waiting in line just for the chance to look at your product or service.  If your business does trade shows, Arch Virtual can definitely help build a Rift app for your next show.

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 Marketing and Advertising with Oculus Rift Applications

This month, we’re wrapping up an exciting new virtual experience for a manufacturer that’s using the Rift to showcase their products.   You can show videos, photos or even give customers a tour of your facility, but still not quite convey the same powerful impression you can deliver with an Oculus Rift application.  We can animate products, slice through the inside to describe how it works, highlight the best features of the product, etc.  We could even place the viewer on an animated path that shrinks them down to travel directly inside a massive version of your product.  The opportunity to tell a story and show off the best features your product or service has to offer is a tremendous, unprecedented opportunity.

military training and simulation 3D CG animation helicopter humvee

Virtually Anything You Can Imagine

If you’ve been following Arch Virtual for a while, you may have noticed our new tag line.  We’ve certainly developed a streamlined and cost-effective workflow around architectural visualization, but many of our most recent work has been in other industries, including health care, manufacturing, advertising, education, research, and military uses.  In the months ahead, you can expect to see quite a bit more diversity in the projects we’re developing.

How to Work with Arch Virtual

For architecture-related projects, send us an email (info @ archvirtual . com) with some information about the project.  We’ll get you an estimate the same day, and can deliver web-based, stand-alone or Oculus Rift applications you can use within a few weeks.

For advertising, health care, enterprise, military and other applications, we can set up a brainstorming call to discuss your ideas, share some of our own, and come up with a plan for leveraging virtual environments to help showcase your product, service or learning objectives.

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