Greetings Creators!

For the past several months, we’ve been hard at work on some epic new features for Immerse that we’re excited to be rolling out in today’s update.

Please Note:

Absolutely everything about Immerse is subject to change over time! That’s precisely why we’re in Early Access with this beta launch, and this is a very preliminary ‘version 1’ debut for these new features. While we encourage you to sketch and create as much as you’d like, we urge everyone to please keep in mind that this is definitely not a polished product. There will be bugs, and there will be changes.

FBX Imports

You can now import your own FBX models into Immerse Creator! This was the community’s most requested feature, by far, so we’re very excited to have a preliminary implementation in place for you to try out. There are limits to the import, which I’ll talk about more in the video linked above. I got a little crazy during Turbosquid’s last weekend sale, as you can see in the screenshot above. =)

Model Exports

You can now export your Shapes Creations using the new export feature! It will only export your shapes – not any assets or imported meshes, but you can then bring that file into your own modeling software, or even use it as the basis for a 3D print.

Shapes Modeling v2

Immerse Shapes tool has some new features in development, including the ability to modify vertices, faces, and edges. Our intention is only to make it possible to quickly sketch very basic forms with Immerse, so we’re purposely keeping our Shapes tool fairly simple. If you want to create more advanced models, we encourage you to model in Blender, Maya, 3DS, etc. and import your model as an FBX.

Asset Packs

We’ve introduced a new ‘Packs’ tab in the Immerse Assets tool. In there, you’ll find tons of new asset packs available. We’ll be adding new assets frequently, which will show up automatically in your Immerse Creator without requiring an update.

Screenshot Taker

You can now take a screenshot inside Immerse Creator. We would love to see what you’ve created! Please post your screenshots to our subreddit: r/immersecreator

Container Management v2

You can now lock and toggle the visibility of containers. Getting into the habit of actively using the container system is requisite to effectively managing your Creations.

Mixed Reality Videos with MixCast Support

We’ve incorporated the awesome MixCast tool into Immerse Creator, so if you’re subscribed to their tool on Steam and hit ‘1’ on your keyboard, it will activate MixCast so you can easily create your own mixed reality videos!

What’s Next?

User Experience and Polish. We now have version 1 implementation of our core feature set, and now we’re going to keep polishing and refining those features. We know there are lots of basic usability issues we need to address, so we’re undertaking a UI/UX overhaul that will make Creating a lot easier and more comfortable. This is another pretty major undertaking, so it may take a while, but we’re hoping to get it right and look forward to launching our next major update.

Your Input!

We’re very interested to hear your input on new features, bug reports, etc. Please use the Steam Community Hub for Immerse Creator to share your thoughts: Here.

We would also love to see your creations and hear your thoughts on our subreddit: Here.

That’s it! Thanks for your interest in Immerse Creator and happy Creating!

Jon Brouchoud and the Immerse Team


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