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We’re in the very early stages of brainstorming an Immerse VR podcast of some kind, and thought I’d share my thinking early to gather input.  Maybe we’ll call it a VRodcast? Is that already a thing?

Any input, advice and topic ideas are welcome!

Main Idea:

  • Held in VR / Immerse Creator dedicated multi-player room for each topic – [link]
  • Focus on professional topics – architecture, medical, marketing, education — while leaning toward design and collaboration
  • Multi-player scene for each topic with relevant environments, assets, etc. that anyone can explore — either via Immerse Creator or free Immerse Viewer mode (VR and non-VR)
  • Save and share a copy of the Immerse scene after each event so anyone can access and explore it asynchronously.
  • Capture video for VR Podcast — post to YouTube / stream live on Twitch?
  • Capture and share 360 / video?

Potential Segments

  • Discuss and present best practices for using VR
  • Host presentations, round table discussions, interviews, etc.
  • Share client case studies – show select / relevant props from their project
  • Community showcase what others are working on – other Immerse Creator scenes, or import 3D environments / samples of content

Initial Topics

  • AEC / Architecture — Discuss potential for VR in AEC industry. Design charrettes, VR sketch hour, speed build, community showcase .
  • Medical simulation — operating room and healthcare environments and props — invite med-sim experts in for discussion / interview
  • Product Design — discuss ways VR can be used for rapid prototyping, remote collaboration, etc.
  • Marketing — Discuss / present potential and best practices for using VR to help sell at trade shows, etc. — share client case studies, discuss methods and strategies for successful implementation
  • Education — how VR can be used in education — invite university labs to share what they’re working on — import content to share — discuss what’s working for them, what they’re looking forward to
  • Game Development — focused on design, architecture and environment  — latest thinking in game art and environments — import samples of game assets to review / showcase — help sell the game, gather design feedback

Other Random Thoughts

  • Create method and process for immersive podcasting with Immerse that others can replicate — consider building the platform and tools for it.
  • Over time, encourage others to create and share their own specialized topic events, scenes and VR podcasts
  • Community showcase when feasible — celebrate the works of others in the community
  • Focus on how to achieve success and achieve optimal results — uncover and share best secrets, tips and tricks to succeed.
  • Connect to international audiences
  • Gather input on how we can improve Immerse Creator
  • Various Immerse scenes for each topic continuously grow and improve over time — anyone can add their own content as well — becomes a library of content to explore.
  • Cross Cultural collaborative builds — people from all different geographic regions coming together

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