Welcome to Arch Virtual HQ

Choose your download below, and be teleported to our virtual office. From there, choose from a variety of destinations to visit, including a residential condominium architectural visualization, an operating room with a 3D scanned patient for medical simulation, and an interactive oil rig.  Download the non-VR PC standalone version of this demo here: [link]

This demo includes:


Features a variety of design elements you can customize, including paint colors, material types, appliances, scenery and more.  This model was built from a Revit BIM file, and optimized for VR performance.

Operating Room

This operating room demonstrates the potential for highly detailed representations of equipment, not only for visualizing how a medical environment will function, but also for sales and marketing opportunities for equipment manufacturers and resellers.


This space serves two purposes.  First, it’s a demonstration of how virtual reality can be used to visualize office layouts for interior designs, positioning and selecting furniture, and more.  It’s also one of the spaces we meet with potential clients, using our Immerse Collaborative multi-player system.

Oil Rig

Back by popular demand, this oil rig demo is a simple representation of how VR might be used to visualize complex drilling operation.  Additional functionality will be added to this environment in the next release.


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