Arch Virtual has been developing a series of configuration apps for Alys Beach, enabling potential buyers to choose from a wide variety of finish, fixture and appliance options.

A sales representative is able to work together with a potential buyer to make various selections, and immediately visualize how those choices will look together in the space.  This makes the process of choosing interior design selections much easier than visualizing through small material samples, illustrations or blueprints.

The configuration app will also be translated to Oculus Rift CV1, enabling an even more immersive means of visualizing a home during construction, or before construction has even started.

Special thanks to the development team, Don England, Sean Blissett, Peter Guastella, Nick Tillman, Rowan Atalla, and Nick Taylor for their patience and attention to detail throughout development of these applications.

Also, thank you to Brian Spence, Todd Lance, and his team at Alys Beach for being a great client, and for giving us this opportunity.

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