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Video Tutorial: How to Import Revit into Unity3D

This tutorial provides an overview of the process involved with importing architectural models into Unity3d.  In this case, we’re using Revit Architecture 2009, but the process is relatively universal, and can be applied to just about any architectural CAD or BIM software.  After importing your model, try out our Architectural Beginner’s Kit, which enables you […]

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Using Unity3D to Access Second Life and OpenSim on the Web

A few weeks ago, I was given a demo of a project called ‘Canvas,’ by former Linden Lab manager Chris Collins (Tipodean Technologies).  After clicking a url he gave me and logging in, I was suddenly standing on Architecture Island (in Second Life) – yet I was in a web browser, seeing SL through the […]

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Introducing the Architectural Beginner’s Kit for Unity3d: Prefab Resources and Tutorial for Architecture and Design Visualization Projects

Here’s a video showing the kit in action: Here’s a demo scene: Here’s where you can purchase and download the kit, to include these resources in your own projects: [Update: New Architectural Beginner's kit 2 is now available!  More info here: ] No doubt about it, Unity3D is a game changer for […]

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BIM in the Cloud

Imagine dropping a camera into an architectural model, and immediately walking through the design in stunning, photorealistic quality, with no lag, and the highest possible quality settings – on an old, low end machine? Cloud-based rendering has the capacity to turn this dream into a reality.  Instead of the 2 or 3 frames per second […]

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EXPLORE IT! Career Academy: Immersive, Interactive Education in Second Life and OpenSim

The machinima featured above does a great job of showcasing the new ExploreIt! project, opening this weekend (more info about the opening event below!). Santa Barbara City College challenged us to figure out how to leverage the immersive capacity of a virtual environment to create an educational ‘serious game’ experience that is as engaging and […]

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Hands Free 3D: Open Source Predecessor of Microsoft Kinect?

$2,000 is the current bounty for free/open Microsoft Kinect drivers (via Adafruit Industries), which really jarred some memories for me.  Whatever happened to ‘Hands Free 3D‘ – the “prototypical interface” that enabled the control of virtual worlds “hands free” …without a mouse or keyboard?  Competitors for the bounty might be wise to look it up. […]

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